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Design Matters. Booth 1940. Gen Con.

Posted by Nathan P. on July 30, 2008

Check it out, yo.

Design Matters has a simple, if lofty goal: to re-imagine the way games and gamers find each other. We aim to attract the person for whom role-playing is just one of many interests in their spectrum of entertainment. While our games are certainly accessible to the hardcore role-player, the array of games presented at our booth appeals to those who may not identify strongly with roleplaying, but who are interested in playing a low-social-commitment game with friends who share their interest in a specific genre or kind of game. In the end, we believe that Design Matters, and all of the games available at our booth are built from the standpoint of delivering a focused play experience that is, above all, fun!

Design Matters is a limited engagement. We exist only at and for Gen Con. This year, we are booth number 1940, in the “Quiet Zone.” Click here to see a map of floor. We also strongly believe that games are meant to be played, and as such we will be coordinating with the Games On Demand area to offer many of the games we will have for sale as fully playable convention demos. Watch the website for promotional offers good to use at the booth, as well as information about the games and their designers.

Design Matters is a cooperative joint effort between a number of skilled game designers interested in reaching people who are interested in what we have to offer. Design Matters is: Nathan D. Paoletta, Epidiah Ravachol, Clint Krause, Gregor Hutton, Jonathan Walton, and Kevin Allen Jr.

I’m super freakin’ excited. Check out the website for more info.


4 Responses to “Design Matters. Booth 1940. Gen Con.”

  1. Alexander said

    Awesome. I’m glad your plans all came to fruition. Can’t wait to mooch in your booth and say rude things to your customers.

  2. I remember listening to you, Kevin, and Alexander talking about this in March; before we decided to have a pickup game of IAWA – I’m really glad to see the idea worked out and I wish you the best with it.

  3. KingSpoom said

    Sounds interesting. Too bad I won’t be able to attend the show this year. Good luck though.

  4. Alexander, you couldn’t possibly say anything rude. That would be unlike you.

    Dave, thanks! I wish you could come check it out, a lot of what we decided to do came out of that slightly drunken conversation.

    Thanks KS!

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