Hamsterprophecy: Prevision

It\’s All About Pen, Paper and People.


Posted by Nathan P. on September 14, 2008

(x-posted from my website)

Hamsterprophet Productions is on hiatus until further notice.

Find Annalise if that’s who you are looking for.

For downloads and resources for carry. a game about war. and Timestream, see this page.

carry and Timestream are still available for purchase. For purchasing information, see this page.

For other updates, see my blog.

Thanks for all of the support.



One Response to “Hiatus”

  1. […] How to End a Scene Paraphrasing a somewhat drunken conversation between myself, Dev, and Nathan Paoletta last night. Nathan was somewhat miffed that people are going apeshit over Matt Snyder announcing the closing of Chimera Creative, when nobody seems to have noticed Nathan’s recent announcement about Hamsterprophet Productions. […]

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