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Posted by Nathan P. on October 27, 2008

We’re playing two concurrent series set in Pocket City. In each one, one of the players has a protagonist character, and then we developed a primary antagonist character for the other player to play. I run the imprint, imprint characters, other antagonists, and so on.

One series is a pretty dark, internal-looking story that is about the struggle between a master thief/obsessive collector of things, and the mob enforcer/fallen angel who is determined not to let hiim get away.

The Collector
Protagonist, played by Can
Incarnation: Premier
Concept: Ghost
Archetype: Moon 4
Motifs & Powers:
Dread 2. Overlooked +1
Ectoplasm 5. Incorporeality +1, Ghost Key +1, Artistic Reproduction +2
Possession 0.
Relentless 5. Eidectic Memory +1, Eminent Domain +1
Curtis Smithson +5. Museum Curator. Metropolis.
Vicky Garrett +3. Taken-in child. Wilderness.
Vince Taglioni +2. Taglioni family underboss. Speakeasy. 1 Pain
Issue: I will never pass up the opportunity to collect.
Drive: I will never reveal my Domain.
Obligation: I will never let Vicky Down.
Shadow: Does not know that he’s dead.
1 – +1 to Artistic Reproduction

Queer Johnny

Antagonist to The Collector, played by Jesse

Incarnation: Premier
Concept: Outsider
Archetype: Sun 6
Motifs & Powers:
Aura 1. The Pink Suit +2
Birthright 4. Breaks Bones +1. Tough Skin +1.
Freedom 4. Break Down The Door +0. Get Out of Jail +0.
Insight 3. Ear To His Street +0. See into the hearts of men +2.
The Collector +7. The Wilderness.
Vince Taglioni +4. Taglioni family underboss. Speakeasy.
Issue: Never sleeps alone.
Drive: I will climb to the top.
Obligation: No crime in my neighborhood.
1 – +1 See into the hearts of men
2 – +1 See into the hearts of men
The other series is a shorter one (we’ve played one issue, and there’s probably only one more issue’s worth of stuff to finish) that concerns a freakish outcast who’s determined to bring down the corrupt D.A. of Pocket City, and the PI/vigilante crimefighter who obeys the letter of the law to it’s fullest extent, and wants to bring in this creature that operates outside of the law.

The Geek
Protagonist, played by Jesse
Incarnation: Premier
Concept: Beast
Archetype: Warrior 7
Motifs & Powers:
Awareness 2. Smells if you are lying +0
Destruction 4. The Maw +0, Glare of the Bird +0, Corrosive Bile +0
Instinct 3. Stalk in Silence +0, Control Vermin +1
Survival 3. Everything is Food +1, Misdirect the chaser +0
Brother Patrick +5, Priest at the only church in the Wilderness. (4 Pain)
Mary Temperance Paige +4, closing librarian at the Falls Public Library
Issue: Never forget that I am human.
Drive: Destroy the corrupt DA Hayden Fairchild.
Obligation: Never feed from the innocent.
Shadow: I am truly prey.
1 advance to spend
1 – +1 Corrosive Bile

Bird of Prey
Antagonist, played by Can
Incarnation: Premier
Concept: Beast
Archetype: Fool 5
Motifs & Powers:
Awareness 4. Tastes your fear +1, Creature of the Night +2
Destruction 2. Paralyzing Glare +1
Instinct 4. Patient Hunter Gets The Prey +1, Relentless Chase +0
Survival 2. Nine Lives +1
The Geek +6
Barry J. Hutchins, the nosy neighbor +4 (1 Pain)
Issue: I will be a good citizen.
Drive: I will uphold the law.
Obligation: I will hunt the guilty.
Shadow: I break the law to serve the law.

+1 to Creature of the Night

The characters are great. I don’t think I can do them justice in this medium – suffice it to say, they are universally engaging, fun to interact with, and just right for the genre. We’ve dug much more into the Collector/Queer Johnny story, and it’s been a really rewarding exploration of what makes these two guys tick. The Geek/Bird of Prey is a little more pulpy, and we’re having a lot of fun contrasting the two Beasts that approach the same basic questions from completely opposite sides.

Next up: other imprint characters!


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