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carry review on Play This Thing

Posted by Nathan P. on November 25, 2008

carry has been reviewed on Play This Thing. I think it’s a pretty good, though I would question the idea that because the text is short(ish), gameplay is less deep than it otherwise would be. Seems like a category error to me. Overall, however, it’s a solid overview of the game, and I really appreciate that it’s up on such a great site (if you don’t read Play This Thing like, all the time, you should).

Thanks to Judd for tipping me off to it, and thanks to Sage for the review.


2 Responses to “carry review on Play This Thing”

  1. misuba said

    The review didn’t say gameplay would be less deep… but it isn’t totally clear what it is saying. Maybe the reviewer felt that a more thorough look at source materials like the O’Brien book and such was called for?

  2. Nathan P. said

    Yeh, I’m a little confused about it as well. My inclination is to say that the reviewer is associating page count with complexity of rules/gameplay, but that may be me reading my prejudices into it.

    Of course, I should probably comment on the actual review to try and figure that bit out.

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