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Dreamation 09 Post Post

Posted by Nathan P. on February 23, 2009

Dreamation was very good for me this year! As per usual, I am amazed and humbled by all the of excellent people I got to see, meet, play with, talk to and drink and eat with over the course of the weekend.

The atmosphere was really positive and inclusive this year, I think. I think it was also more relaxed than some Dreamations past. People are a little less intent on cramming in maximum gaming, and happy to take chill time and socialize.

My games all went well. I played in a Houses of the Blooded scenario run by Tom on Friday, and it was pretty neat. I really like parts of the game, and other parts leave me a little cold, but I intend to pick up the PDF soonish. The actual scenario was really neat, though I think there’s a lot of room with that game for a more character-vs-character intrigue kind of thing.

Judd & my Agon Tournement got a little fubared by miscommunication with the scheduling staff, so we ended up with two isolated Agon slots. I ran the first one, for Judd and a new friend named Joel, and it went pretty well. Agon is a little creaky with two heroes, I think, but it was a fun game. I ran Beast of Kolkoris and I totally killed Judd’s character with a Minotaur. We called the game after that encounter, but I think I would have totally killed both of them if we had continued the quest. That’s a really hard quest! Judd ran the second one, a Quest he came up with that involved a Cyclops who forged lightning. I got to play! It was cool! Ralph won the game and I was so mad! Stupid Ralph winning. I suspect that Far-Reaching may be a little brokenzord, though. I need to take another look, but the suspicion is in my brain.

I played a game of Annalise with Kevin Allen Jr., J.R. Blackwell and John Enskot (who did NOT die in a car crash, and that was the best part of the con). It was very good. We established the beginning of a really long, slow-burning game, if we were able to keep playing. I also got a lot of good feedback and ideas about how to structure a 4-hour complete Annalise game scenario.

Speaking of, my new friend Connie ran two games of Annalise without my involvment, which apparently both went well; so did the games of carry ran by Rachel and Adam. You people are all my favorite, and I am just pleased as punch that my games are creating fun.

Overall, just excellent hanging out time and drinking time with my friends. I already miss you.

Also, Amy was the best driving buddy ever, in addition to being a great friend.

As per usual, Dreamation was a sorely needed reset button, and I’m super glad I went. Thanks everyone for doing your part!


4 Responses to “Dreamation 09 Post Post”

  1. Thank you so much for letting me play in your game! On Sunday, I bought the PDF and printed it out and ran a game for two of my friends. Though I’m sure that I stumbled on the rules, they loved it.

    We are playing in a Lovecraftian vision, with professors digging into ancient texts, librarians with attachments to the occult, and ship captains who find their crew choking on barnacles.

    Jared brought up the idea of playing in a Superhero universe – and that’s what I think is so exciting about this game – it’s flexibility for it’s audience.

    I am looking forward to purchasing one of your hand bound books. I remember how beautiful they were last year, but they sold out before I could buy one. True works of art, sir.

  2. Glad to hear that Nathan!

    Sorry I couldn’t make it to Dreamation but we will rock, oh yeah, at GenCon. Woohoo!

  3. Remi said

    I feel very much the same. I was frustrated with my gaming and had actually dropped out of my weekly group for a recharge. Dreamation has completely revitalized me and given me a lot of new paths to explore.

    Also, you’re dead-on about the atmosphere. I think being near places to eat helped a lot, as organizing a drive out to eat wasn’t necessary, and so the hassle and social jockeying aspect of that disappeared.

    And next year I’m playing one of your games, dammit!

  4. Nathan P. said

    J.R. – That all sounds bangin’ hot, and I’m really happy that you like the game! I’d love to hear how a supers game goes. There are exciting developments afoot in “having physical books” news, I will be in touch…

    Gregor – Next time, buddy.

    Remi – Yes, having a bunch of nearby walkable food places was really great (though I’ve never going to the chinese place across the street again, that place sucked). Next year, we absolutely need to play something together, man!

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